Simple Value Warranty


We Guarantee That..


You will always get your money’s worth with the credit repair programs of Simple Credit Repair. When you enroll in the All You Can Delete Credit Restoration Program you will receive 6 months of awesome credit repair services by Simple Credit Repair. In that time, we will fight with your former creditors on your behalf.

Even though we don’t plan on ever using it, we offer this Money Back Guarantee. This warranty is your guarantee that, as long as your are an active participant in the program, you will not be charged more than $59 per item deleted. Thus ensuring your value.

At the end of your program, if you are not happy, simply contact our offices to request your refund. We will look at the total amount paid, subtract the number of items deleted times $59, and determine if you are eligible for a refund. If eligible for a refund, we will issue the refund within 48 hours.

Please keep in mind that to be eligible for the Simple Value Warranty you must have been current on your payments through out the program and have been an active participant. If you do not provide the credit report updates in a timely manner you may not be eligible for the refund. So please be sure to send those. It is the biggest thing that you can do to make sure you get the best possible improvement.




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