Welcome to the Simple Credit Repair Enrollment Agreement.   You will be provided a copy of this agreement, by email, upon completion. 

After completing this agreement, we will need the following items to begin your disputes:

  1. Social Security Number Verification:   We need 1 item that verifies your Social Security Number.   Best option is a social security card.   Other options include your W-2 or your IRS tax returns.

  2. Address Verification: Please send 2 items that document your present physical address.   Any combination of the following will work

    1. Utility Bill:  Water, Electric, Phone, Cell Phone, Internet, Gas

    2. Bank Statement:  Only need the address page.  You can black out balance or account number

    3. Car Loan Statement

    4. Mortgage Statement

    5. Insurance Statement/Card

    6. Pay Stub

    7. W-2, 1099, or Tax Form

    8. Property Tax Bill


  1. Your Credit Report:  This applies to clients on the 6-Month program.   Credit monitoring is included in the plan for clients engaging in the Per Item Program.   If you would like us to do the credit monitoring for you on the 6-Months program, just let us know.   Simple Credit Repair will enroll you into monitoring for $39.99 per month.

    To get a credit report on your own, you may acquire one for free at   It is crucial that you provide all 3 credit reports (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian).  Your next best option would be to get one for $1 at,, or   However, you will need to call in the next day and cancel credit monitoring.